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dr LIZA ankle strap - AYIMACH

dr LIZA ankle strap - AYIMACH

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A pair of ankle straps that can be used through the loop at the back of your dr LIZA flats, pumps and sneaker pumps. Give your dr LIZA shoes a new look with the dr LIZA ankle strap. If your shoes are just a little bit too big they can also help the shoes feel more stable. However, the straps are not meant to make up for an incorrect size. If the shoes are too big there will be too much pressure on the loop at the back of your shoes which can cause the loop to rip. We recommend using gel heel liners to assist in the fit of shoes that are too big.

The ankle straps can fit ankle circumferences up to 29 cm. There is an elastic component at the end of the leather strap so that they move with you and feel comfortable.

Ankle straps are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned. Please note that when you wear the ankle straps, wear them loose enough so that you can fit 2 fingers between the strap and your ankle. If they are too tight, they can rip off the tab at the back of your shoes. Please note that ankle straps are not to be used to keep shoes on that are too big. The loops are not able to handle that much resistance and we are not able to replace shoes with ripped tabs due to misuse.

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