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About Dr. Liza

Dr. Liza is one of North America’s leading body and posture experts. She is a prominent expert in the media, entrepreneur and celebrity manual osteopath.

After spending over 10 years treating women with high heel related pain in Toronto’s financial district and celebrities in Hollywood, Dr. Liza questioned whether beauty really had to result in pain. Not being able to provide her stylish and fashion forward patients with suitable high heeled options, Dr. Liza decided to design her own revolutionary comfortable and functional line of shoes.

In May 2017, Dr Liza was awarded the Trailblazer and Professional Impact award by the NCN and in October 2017 won Afroglobal's Science and Technology award for the design and development of the dr. Liza pump. She was name one of 150 Extraordinary Canadians by the Transformation institute in 2018 and in 2019 named one of the most influential people of African descent in business and entrepreneurship. She also won the 2019 Woman of Inspiration’s Innovator award and was the platinum winner for the Toronto Star’s readers choice awards for best foot care in 2019.

Why dr. Liza shoes and bags ?


I am on a mission to help women live their best life with painless shoes and bags that look as great as they feel. I want to empower women to put their health first without sacrificing their love for fashion. By using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship, dr. Liza shoes and bags are made to last as a wardrobe staple. Comfy is finally stylish and cool - as it should be!