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All dr LIZA shoes are created with:

• The highest quality leather from Brazil

• High functioning EVA, the shock absorbing material in running shoes

• Beautiful royal blue accents

• A revolutionary design that minimizes any impact to your body

Therapeutic Features of dr LIZA Bags:

Flat Rectangular Base: The design of the dr LIZA shoulder bag includes a completely flat rectangular base to maximize the surface area.

Padded Shoulder Pads: To minimize pressure points on the shoulder for added comfort.

Textured Shoulder Pads: To prevent the bag's straps from slipping off shoulders. We tend to hike up our shoulders and alter our posture to prevent strap slippage; thanks to our non-slip pads, your body won’t have to misalign itself to keep the bag on.

Easy Access: Open and close functions that allow for greater accessibility.

Posture-friendly Design: The ergonomic design of the dr LIZA shoulder bag and dr LIZA backpack allows them to be a natural extension of your body. The bags move with you so that your body does not have to be burdened with an unbalanced load.