Collection: HOPE

There is always hope. Hope for love, hope for joy, hope for healing, hope for better times, hope for relationships, and hope for the future. There’s hope in each new day, hope in each new hour, and even hope in each new minute. There’s hope, as they say, just around the river bend – because the water is always changing, always flowing. 

The past couple of years have been incredibly tough but I don’t want us to lose hope.

And with this new collection, I invite you to hope. For the first time, dr LIZA styles are available in a metallic gold finish to brighten your day so you can shine with each step. Plus, you’ll find new luxurious suede pieces reminiscent of your favourite teddy bear; a nod to comfort and happiness with an elevated update. Speaking of shining – how fun is it to sparkle, too? The dr LIZA ankle strap 2.0 now comes enrobed in crystals and will light up every room you step foot into. 

Of course, I want you to go places – like, really go places with no reason to stop. So, I designed the new dr LIZA slip on sneaker with a softer leather fabrication and roomier fit. No breaking in required! 

Then there’s the Estelle sandal, named after my French best friend from elementary school. I know she would rock these! Featuring a lightweight yet stable chunky heel, wide square toe box and almost 4” of height, the design gives hope to those who never thought they could be comfortable in heels this high. 

And last but not least, the new dr LIZA closed toe sandal offers the serenity of simplicity. It’s a beautiful fusion of the original dr LIZA pump and dr LIZA sandal styles and boasts the most innovative and elegant design elements of each. After all, why choose when you can have the best of both? Thanks to its ankle strap and wide toe box, these sandals allow you to be secured, steady and stunning. They’re the type of heels you wear to confidently strut down the street while thinking to yourself,  yes, I’m that girl giving you the hope that you can really do anything ❤️