Collection: AYIMACH

Ayimach (Nēhiyawēwin/Cree): A fortunate change of events leading towards success.

This vivacious new collection of pieces is a collaboration between Dr. Liza and Métis visual artist and fashion designer, Jason Baerg, of the label Ayimach Horizons. Our best-selling Onii booties and versatile ankle straps now boast a beautiful print from Baerg’s painting, Ispisîhêw ᐃᐢᐱᓰᐦᐁᐤ S:He raises.

“Jason and I connected over the similarities between Métis culture and Nigerian culture,” says Dr. Liza. “This collaboration is a beautiful mix of our cultures, where both are at their essence Indigenous.”

“I love what Dr. Liza does on all fronts,” Baerg says of what influenced this first collaborative launch. “She makes an incredible pair of shoes.”

Grab your pair and move onwards and upwards!