All About Ayimach

All About Ayimach

Ayimach booties


Ayimach (Nēhiyawēwin/Cree): A fortunate change of events leading towards success.

Crafted with the intention of uplifting the spirit through self-expression, our Ayimach collection of pieces is a collaboration between Dr. Liza and Métis visual artist and fashion designer, Jason Baerg, of the label Ayimach Horizons. “I love what Dr. Liza does on all fronts,” Baerg says of what influenced this first collaborative launch. “She makes an incredible pair of shoes.”

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The Ayimach collection is comprised of a versatile ankle strap that can be worn with a variety of dr LIZA styles, and a pair of our best-selling Onii booties. The collection's vibrant print comes from the painting Ispisîhêw ᐃᐢᐱᓰᐦᐁᐤ S:He raises, found within Baerg’s powerful, internationally shown mixed-media installation Copper and Red Thunderbird. The works within are inspired by acclaimed Indigenous artist Norval Morriseau as well as Baerg’s spirit name, Mihko-Pihêsiw Napîw (Red Thunderbird).

Ispisîhêw ᐃᐢᐱᓰᐦᐁᐤ S:He raises is currently on display at Baerg's show Tawâskweyâw ᑕᐋᐧᐢᑫᐧᔮᐤ  at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery but you can enjoy the creativity everywhere you go while wearing an Ayimach piece!

Ayimach ankle straps


Having already paid homage to her Nigerian roots through the use of eye-catching batik motifs, Dr. Liza continues to delight with this new feel-good footwear – a key ingredient in what Baerg describes as "dopamine dressing". Dr. Liza even wore her Ayimach booties to the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards last fall along with an ensemble and accessories by Baerg (who was a CAFA nominee that night).


“I want others to feel joy and a comforting warmth looking at collection, as one would viewing the Ispisîhêw ᐃᐢᐱᓰᐦᐁᐤ S:He raises painting in a gallery,” says Dr. Liza. “Jason and I connected over the similarities between Métis culture and Nigerian culture. This collaboration is a beautiful mix of our cultures, where both are at their essence Indigenous.”

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