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Picking the right size for your dr. Liza shoes


In order to get a great fit, we recommend measuring your foot on your dominant side. So if you are right handed measure your right foot and if you are left handed measure your left foot. We recommend this because usually your dominant side is a little bit larger. Your feet also get bigger throughout the day so try and measure your foot after dinner.  The size you pick in the dr. Liza pump and dr. Liza sneaker pump will be the smallest size you wear in most of your shoes since they can fit a little big. For example, if you go between an 8 and 8.5, then you should go for an 8. If you have narrow/normal width feet we recommend going down half a size. If you have wide feet you should pick your regular size.


For the dr. Liza bootie, dr. Liza bootie 2.0 and dr. Liza flat please pick your normal size. If you will be wearing with thick socks please go up half a size for the booties. The toe box of the dr. Liza bootie, dr. Liza bootie 2.0 and dr. Liza flat is suitable for narrow, regular and wide feet. If you have very wide feet [E] please go up half a size. If you have a narrow foot [A] please go down half a size in the flats. The ankle opening of the booties is 28 cm and suitable for most ankle sizes.


For the dr. Liza sandal please take the same size that you would take in the dr. Liza pump or the sizing from the sizing chart below. The upper of the dr. Liza sandal is a generous fit in order to accommodate bunions and hammer toes.


If you have EE or AA width feet please email to help us find a suitable option for you.


If your dr. Liza shoes don't fit, simply send them back to have them exchanged for another size. Please check with us first by emailing to ensure that we have your size in stock. Keep in mind that if the shoe is a little snug the leather will stretch over  2-3 wears to fit your foot. Since most people have 2 different sized feet, you may have the shoes fit perfectly on one foot and not on the other. We recommend cushioned heel liners to put in the shoe with the smaller foot. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at  We will get back to you within 24 hours.




Size chart


Place your feet flat on a piece of paper and mark your longest toe and the back of your foot. It's best to do this standing and barefoot.

Measure the length (cm) straight from your longest toe to the back of your foot using a ruler or measuring tape.

Use the chart to find your size. Please note that we currently carry sizes 5-12 including half sizes in the dr. Liza pump, dr. Liza flat, dr. Liza bootie, dr. Liza bootie 2.0 + dr. Liza sandal and sizes 5 - 12 including half sizes in regular and wide width in the dr. Liza sneaker pump.