Love notes


OMG. Your shoes are foot miracles. My husband sees me home in slippers limping barely getting up the stairs but when he sees me at work(he has an office where I work) On your shoes I am flying.. even running sometimes to get a collègue to answer a transferred call. And looking good I might add...
I will be sending you another picture soon of me and my shoes. Thank you again.

— AS

Just received my pumps today. There are no words to describe how my feet feel in these heels….ok I’ll try one…wondrous! I have not worn heels higher than a kitten heel in more than a decade. The footbed is like my orthotics, the toe box doesn’t cramp and they’ll look hot whether I”m dressed up or casual. I’ve been envious of women who could wear heels with jeans! Thank you thank you!!! No more “granny” footwear when I’m looking’ good from the ankles up!

— JD

I wore these for a weekend in NYC and was shocked that I could wear these all day and into the night. More colours please!!!

— MP

I must say! My boyfriend couldn’t believe I bought my shoes from a Dr. because as he said “ wow those are super sexy!


I absolutely love them. They are so beautiful and I can’t believe how comfy they are. I had to go down half a size from my normal shoe size and the exchange process was seamless and quick!

— NN

Now that I wear these, I can never wear any other heels. They are just too comfortable. Thank you !!!


I was so nervous to order on line as my shoe size is not that easy to fit.(I wear size 11 women’s!) Dr. Liza made my on line purchase easy and gave me advice with confidence. I went ahead and used her on line instructions on how to measure. Her measuring chart was easy to confirm my size. Dr. Liza literally created the “perfect pump” that meets the needs of my body’s best posture and literally feels like I’m wearing a running shoe... just like she described.

— SH

It doesn’t feel like I’m even wearing heels. I think I’ve worn them every single day since I bought them. All I need now is more colours please!!!

— KR

I put them on and they feel like pillows.

— SS

I just received my order and was very impressed with how quickly it arrived and the packaging and note was a sweet surprise! In the few steps I took in these shoes it was incredible

I picked up my shoes today and they are fantastic. It feels like they were custom made just for me. I mentioned to Nadine that I feel like Cinderella in them. These are the best shoes I’ve ever had. I think it’s such an amazing thing you’ve done. Looking good and feeling good all contribute to a woman’s confidence. So glad I met you.


I used to wear #highheels every day (being 5’, I basically lived in them). After I broke my ankle in 2016, I have not been able to wear anything other than flats and runners without excruciating pain and swelling. It was very upsetting.

I got sucked into an Instagram ad for #heels that promised to feel like sneakers. I stalked them for a while, and with a sale on sale, I pulled the trigger. I bought a pair of 3.75” and a pair of 2” shoes.

Let me tell you: the hype is REAL. My @drlizashoes are soooo comfortable!!! I’ve been able to wear them all day without pain & swelling. My life is seriously changed & I feel super sexy in them. Unfortunately, now I’ve also developed a very expensive new habit.
Not sponsored. Just a pure, from the heart, I’m-so-happy-I-found-you post.