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dr LIZA loafer - BLACK

dr LIZA loafer - BLACK

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The dr LIZA loafer boasts a supportive orthotic insole with a metatarsal pad to alleviate pressure points. A 30 mm rubber sole make these shoes a smooth shock absorbing ride. They have a wide square toe box, deep heel cup help and cushioned heel liner to maintain the signature comfort of dr LIZA shoes while flaunting a beautiful aesthetic.This updated style can be worn casually or formally and you'll feel great in them because the feel like sneakers. They also have a foot bed that is anatomically designed for full toe mobility.

Fit: The fit of these shoes is generous. The toe box is a wide width (C). Use our sizing guide to find the right fit.

Composition: Brazilian leather which is renowned for its durability, wearability and beauty with a 30 mm rubber sole.

Ethically made in Brazil



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