The Essential Shoe Styles You Need As You Get Older

The Essential Shoe Styles You Need As You Get Older

As we age our feet tend to change in size and shape. We also have different needs when it comes to our feet due to changes like loss of heel fat pad loss, fallen arches and splaying (spreading apart) of the feet. As a result our footwear choices should reflect these changes so that we are wearing styles that not only flatter our style but are right for our feet. Certain shoes like stilettos, pointed narrow fitting shoes, flimsily flats and sky high heels should be avoided as we get older.

These are 3 styles of shoes every woman should have in their closet as they get older.


dr LIZA slip on sneaker


As we get older it is important to keep moving and we want to do this in style and comfort. A simple leather sneaker with an orthotic insole will be great for getting your steps in but still chic enough for running errands and looking good as you go about your day. Most have some arthritis in the feet by age 50 so supportive sneakers are essential.

These are great with jeans and a tee, pants and a collared shirt, a-line skirts with a blouse, shirt dresses and even shorts!



dr LIZA sneaker pump


A classic neutral pump with a stable heel is essential for all those occasions where you need to dress up. I recommend a 2 inch heel with at least 1cm diameter so that you’re stable. Ideally they will also have an orthotic insole, cushioning and a rocker sole to minimize impact to the body and provide all day (and night) comfort and support. An almond toe will give your toes the room they need while still giving your a refined and elegant look.

A classic pump will go with every length of dress and skirt and looks amazing with tapered dress pants and suit. For a relaxed chic look try pumps with a pair of jeans and crisp white shirt or tee and  blazer.



dr LIZA flat


A good ballet flat goes with anything and can be worn casually or formally. Since as we get older we need more support in a shoe it’s important to choose a ballet flat that is orthopedic to prevent injury and ensure you’re comfortable. This is also a must style because you can easily slip them on, wear for walks, shopping, dancing and they’re an essential travel shoe.

A great ballet flat literally goes with everything. Khakis, white jeans and ankle length pants are perfectly complemented with ballet flats. Flowy dresses and skirts, gowns and even leggings can be worn with flats.

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