La Bella Vita: The Most Comfortable Shoes For A Vacation To Italy

La Bella Vita: The Most Comfortable Shoes For A Vacation To Italy

My mom, sister and I took a quick trip to Italy to celebrate my sisters 40th birthday. Here are what dr LIZA shoes we wore.


Dr. Liza

Caramelo sneaker pumps

Caramelo sneaker pumps


Why? Perfect for long walks through the airports and they have no metal so you don’t have to take them off through security. They are a great refined daytime shoe that will always have you looking put together and are still dressy enough for evening. If I could only travel with one shoe - this would be it for its versatility and comfort.


Black Priscilla sandals


I debated between these and the slides but decided I wanted to slay so went with the sandals. These were my go to evening shoes and also pool sandals when I wanted to lounge.


Gold flats

These were perfect for a little sparkle while going to the spa and for shopping. Supportive for all the steps and stunning enough to garner smiles and compliments.

Cloud socks


These socks are a game changer for travelling. Even with a 9 hr and 35 min flight I had no swelling at all. I tested these on a 17 hour flight to Taipei earlier in the spring and I was shocked that my shoes didn’t feel tight when I landed. The socks work!


My mom

Ngozi pumps


I designed these pumps for my mom so I was not surprised that she brought these as her travel shoes. She strutted through the airports, wore them for lunch and shopping and for dinner. I was so proud that I designed shoes that my 74 year old mom could wear almost 4 inch heels to walk in all day.

Gold closed toe sandals


She brought these as her evening shoes and she not only stunned - she was comfortable. And this thrilled me.



My sister

Gold closed toe sandals


It’s only fitting that the birthday girl would pack only one pair of shoes and that they would be gold. They are actually named after her - Nkechi since she suggested this style and said they’d be her go to shoe. And as it turns out - they are! Very cute that she was twinning with my mom. I was hoping to wear them one night but alas - she said no.


We were in Venice and Florence and had the best time. It was definitely la bella vita in our dr LIZA shoes!


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