Dr. Liza's picks !

Dr. Liza's picks !

If I was shopping the big sale - these are the things I would get


Priscilla sandal in black

They are a great classic heel and with a light chunky heel and 4 inches of height they will elevate your daytime and evening wear and are great year round.

Closed toe sandal in gold

This is THE party shoe. Night out, wedding, dinner, dates anything where you want to shine. These are the shoes and you’ll look great and feel great all night long. The gold also works well for day time dress up events so these heels have you covered.

Slip on sneaker in white 

These are the shoes you wear to walk anywhere but still look put together. Whether you’re running errands, getting in that 10,000 steps or simply need a smart shoe to wear daily - these are it.

dr LIZA bag - RUBY RED

The shoulder bag in Ruby red

Clean, practical and beautiful- you’ll be able to fit everything you need in this beautiful bag. It’s quiet luxury that will have you looking and feeling aligned.


And why not add a pair of socks, some tassels or straps. You’ll be happy you did!


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