About dr. Liza bags

Style. Function. Comfort.

Beautiful minimalistic bags that come in an array of colours and are so balanced you may forget you have them on. The ergonomic shoulder bags and backpacks are polished and sophisticated while being effortlessly comfortable to wear.




FLAT RECTANGULAR BASE The design of the handbag includes a completely flat rectangular based maximizing the surface area of the base.


PADDED SHOULDER PADS Padded shoulder pads to minimize pressure points on the shoulder for added comfort.


TEXTURED SHOULDER PADS Textured shoulder pads to prevent slipping from shoulders. We tend to hike up our shoulders and alter our posture to prevent slippage. With non slip pads your body won’t have to misalign itself to keep the bag on.


EASY ACCESS Easy open and close functions for greater accessibility


POSTURE FRIENDLY DESIGN The ergonomic design of the cross body dr. Liza shoulder bag and dr. Liza backpack allows the bags to be a natural extension of your body. The bags move with you so that your body does not have to be burdened with an unbalanced load.


anatomy of the perfect bag

dr. Liza bags are clinically tested to reinforce good posture and minimize discomfort. So not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also feel amazing.

All dr. Liza bags are created with:

  • the  highest quality leather from Brazil
  • a beautiful royal blue shoulder padding to cushion and prevent slipping
  • a revolutionary design that minimizes any impact to your body
  • adjustable straps

Designed and developed in Canada. Ethically manufactured in Brazil