Style. Function. Comfort.


Beautiful, luxurious high heels and flats that feel and function like sneakers. 


dr. Liza shoes are designed in Canada and meticulously crafted in Brazil with a comprehensive orthotic insole, a shock-absorbing platform, a rocker sole in the heels to alleviate metatarsal pressure, a non-skid rubber outsole and a deep heel cup to remedy pronation.


A buttery leather exterior in a myriad of colour choices provides a polished look from boardroom to ballroom.


So go ahead, duck out for a stroll. Run that errand. Walk to dinner. Look stylish from morning to night without ever having to kick off your shoes. 


dr. Liza shoes are the only heels and flats clinically tested with 3D gait scan technology to ensure that your weight is evenly distributed, your arches supported to prevent over-pronation and your feet perfectly cushioned to prevent pressure points. So not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also feel amazing.


All dr. Liza shoes are created with:

▪️ the  highest quality leather from Brazil

▪️ high functioning EVA [the shock absorbing material in running] shoes

▪️ a beautiful royal blue rubber sole to prevent slipping

▪️ leather orthotic insoles with injected high-tech foam cushioning

▪️ a revolutionary design that minimizes any impact to your body


      Designed and developed in Canada. Ethically manufactured in Brazil  


      Founded in March 2017, dr. Liza shoes was created out of a lifelong love for fashion, clinical expertise, research and innovation. After over a decade treating women for high heel related injuries, Dr. Liza developed a stylish high heel that women could comfortably wear without sacrificing their health. Made to feel and function like sneakers, these are the heels and flats you need to take you from morning till night. Based on what women desired in terms of function and design - dr. Liza expanded to include a full range of classic shoes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.