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The Essentials Collection

Designed to keep you comfortable and chic even in the harshest conditions. It’s a concrete jungle out there and we want your every step to be cushioned and supported.

I was inspired by the concrete jungle of Toronto’s financial district. Often cold and uninviting - I wanted to bring a level of comfort and warmth to make the city feel like home. The sophisticated silhouettes and buttery leather create a subtle elegance perfect for the city while the shock absorption and cushioned orthotic support feel like a warm soothing beach vacation or the coziness of home. There is beauty in the minimalism of the design with special detailing like the royal blue soles that let you know you’re cared for. And you are. While at first glance the collection looks minimal- when you get closer the true richness of the design becomes clear. And when you get so close that you’re wearing them - you fall in love.