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dr LIZA sneaker pump - CHARCOAL

dr LIZA sneaker pump - CHARCOAL

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The dr LIZA sneaker pump is a revolutionary 2 inch pump that literally feels like a sneaker. With all the features of the dr LIZA pump on a 2 inch heel and 0.5 inch platform you might never want to take these off. The orthotic insole, injected cushion throughout, rubber outsole and EVA [the same stuff in running shoes!] platform mean that you will be able to wear this heel all day and night. Versatile enough to take a walk, take flight or dance the night away at a special occasion. 


The charcoal is a classic grey that seamlessly elevates any outfit. Pairs wonderfully with your neutral colours like black, grey, white and navy while also providing the perfect base for your prints or colours.




Sometimes you just want a nice low heeled pump to look polished without the fuss of a higher heel. If you’d like to take a leisurely walk at lunch without changing your shoes or are new to the world of heels – these are for you. Or maybe you’ve been traumatized by other heels and the pain they’ve caused you and now you have trust issues with heels. These are the perfect pumps to get you into a healthy heel relationship. They’ll support you, love you and make you look pretty and polished. My mom says these ones are too low for her but that its good for women who really can’t wear more than 2 inches.

From a clinical perspective – although they have a  50mm heel because they have a 12 mm platform and supportive orthotic insole you don’t feel any incline and there is no pressure on your metatarsals. There is even a built in metatarsal pad so if you have plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, overpronation, arthritis or a myriad of other concerns these are the pumps for you. They are also available in 2 widths and I recommend getting the wide version if you have bunions.


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