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dr LIZA Ngozi sandal - BLACK

dr LIZA Ngozi sandal - BLACK

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The Ngozi Collection

There is just something about the way heels elevate your look and they way you feel. They change a walk to a strut and standing  to commanding. Growing up, my mom always wore heels, even her house slippers had a heel and I looked up in awe at this beautiful woman who did it all - in style. When I ‘grew up’ and started my career I was excited to wear heels to work. But alas that dream was short lived because I was on my feet all day and they hurt. But that changed when I designed my first pump and could finally wear heels to work. My mom said they were beautiful but a bit casual for a woman who adorned herself with jewelry even just to stay home. And 5 years after launching my first pump - I have designed a collection for my mom -  that’s comfortable enough to wear grocery shopping but show-stopping enough for the most notable celebrations. Nigerians love to dress up and want to shine so bright at parties that others should wear sunglasses. And my Nigerian mom is amongst the shining stars when entering any room. I designed these shoes with that in mind - for my mom - Ngozi ❤️



The dr LIZA Ngozi sandal is a classic timeless design that can be seamlessly incorporated into your wardrobe. The original dr LIZA sandal is the base for the updated Ngozi sandal that boasts an elongating pyramid heel. They maintain the same sturdy heel and shape but with an ankle strap and open toes. This is a high heeled sandal versatile enough to wear for running around, to work, galas and vacation.

The sandals have the same signature dr LIZA orthotic insole but with added reinforcement and support. Because of the limited structure around the foot in a sandal there is more support under the toes [metatarsal pad] to prevent slipping. The dr LIZA sandal also has the same rocker sole, rubber sole bottom, cushiony EVA platform and deep heel cup to maintain the signature comfort of dr LIZA shoes while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

Fit: The fit of these shoes is generous with the front strap being able to accommodate a wider forefoot and bunions. The heel cup is a regular width. The dr. Liza sandal is suitable for medium [B] to wide [D] feet. For AA and E width feet please contact us for appropriate recommendations.

Composition: Brazilian leather which is renowned for its durability, wearability and beauty with a beautiful royal blue rubber sole and 0.75 inch shock-absorbing EVA platform. Built in leather heel liner to prevent your heel from popping out.

The ankle strap can be interchanged so try adding some glamour with the dr LIZA ankle strap. They also work wonderfully with tights and socks.



It took me 3 years to design a sandal because I had been so traumatized by the high-heeled sandals that left me with searing pain back in the day. The strap would dig into my feet and compress my bunions and the bottom of my foot would burn with pain. So when I tested the final design for these and they were comfortable I actually felt like crying. I finally had sexy sandals that were comfortable. And now you can too. Am I a magician? Maybe – just maybe I am. When you want to look damn good just put these on and strut.

From a clinical perspective – these sandals can accommodate bunions and wide feet. If you have very narrow feet these shoes will not be suitable for you. If you have very small ankles please let us know so that we can punch extra holes into the strap for you. While these sandals are amazing they are the least stable of the dr. Liza shoes so I only recommend wearing for not more that  4-6 hours a day. If you have any serious injuries please wait till you’ve healed before wearing these. If you have a wide forefoot these will work for you and if you have a narrow heel you can ask us to send you heel liners with your order. They help add an extra level of stability.

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