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August 06, 2020

What truly makes dr. Liza a sustainable brand to love is that every piece is made to wear and move with you throughout your life -  in sharp contrast to fast fashion. When these ethically made shoes and bags start to wear they can easily be repaired by a traditional leather fixer as opposed to being thrown out.They also look great as they age. A multitude of straps also helps to change up the look of the shoes and aid in the comfort level as the leather starts to wear.

The leather used for dr. Liza shoes is locally sourced in Brazil near where the factory is located in Porto Alegre. The leather is dyed at a local tannery using a sustainable dying process. All workers at the factory are true artisans who are paid a fair living wage. Even during the pandemic we maintained all orders and quantities to ensure that the artisans who make these beautiful pieces - could continue to be employed.

The health focus, versatility, sustainable materials used, ethical labour and durability of dr. Liza shoes and bags truly make it a well-rounded sustainable brand. So not only can you feel good in your dr. Liza shoes and bags - you can feel good about them.

As a comfort focussed brand - we want everyone involved to be comfortable.