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Stylish high heels that feel and function like sneakers. Expertly crafted in Brazil and designed by a doctor, dr. Liza shoes will support you from morning till night painlessly.




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The Most Chic and Comfortable Shoes to Wear to Work this Summer

Liza Egbogah

Summer is here and although you may feel like wearing flip flops to work, it isn't always appropriate. Not to mention that flip flops are actually horrible for your feet and the rest of your body. If you are an over pronator [your feet roll in too much] the wrong shoes can lead to bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, sprains, strains and even stress fractures. 

When it comes to a busy work day you need shoes that are not only comfortable but also walkable. Summer is a great time to rock some fun colours that can take you from work to the grocery store to a weekend wedding.

Here are my favourite heels for you to rock this summer:

Don't forget to pack your dr. Liza sneaker pumps

Liza Egbogah

Going on holiday? Don't forget your dr. Liza sneaker pumps! From daytime strolls to dressed up dinners, the dr. Liza sneaker pump will keep you stylish and comfortable so that you can truly enjoy your holiday. I personally love a pop of colour during a beach vacation and am in serious love with the sunshine yellow. The beach sand is a close second as it looks a little bit different on everyone and is designed to complement your unique skin tone taking on a slight reflection of your surroundings, skin and outfit. It's a great choice if you can only pack one pair.

SUNSHINE YELLOW + ROSY PINK dr. Liza sneaker pumps

Liza Egbogah

Get ready to shine this summer in 2 new release colours for the dr. Liza sneaker pump. The sunshine yellow will brighten up any outfit and your life while the rosy pink is beautiful and feminine while being neutral enough to wear with anything,

dr. Liza sneaker pump - SUNSHINE YELLOW
175.00 295.00
Give me sunshine!

We also raised the vamp, widened the toe box of the wide version of the sneaker pump [great if you have bunions!] and added a built in heel liner so that your heel doesn't pop out! They are expected to arrive late May/ early June and limited quantities are available so you'll want to pre-order these now!

dr. Liza sneaker pump - ROSY PINK
175.00 295.00
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