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Stylish high heels that feel and function like sneakers. Expertly crafted in Brazil and designed by a doctor, dr. Liza shoes will support you from morning till night painlessly.




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Lagos in dr. Liza shoes

Liza Egbogah

For a quick 3 day trip to Lagos, Nigeria I wore the dr. Liza bootie through the airports logging a total of over 50,000 steps and my feet felt amazing. Even with the over 15 hours of air time each way, the width of the dr. Liza bootie was wide enough to accommodate for any swelling on my already wide feet. The sapphire dr. Liza booties were definitely the show stopper of the trip with someone stopping me every few minutes to say how much they loved my shoes.

I packed the navy blue dr. Liza pumps because they really do go with everything and elevate every look. Unlike in Canada, you don’t walk around the house barefoot in Nigeria so the caramelo sneaker pumps were my ‘slippers’. I wore these when indoors since out of all the sneaker pumps they have the softest leather and are the closest feeling to slippers.

If you noticed in the third GIF, I’m wearing a printed leather version of the dr. Liza pump. This is a prototype that I’m hoping to debut this spring. Would you rock a fun printed dr. Liza pump?