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Stylish high heels that feel and function like sneakers. Expertly crafted in Brazil and designed by a doctor, dr. Liza shoes will support you from morning till night painlessly.



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Liza Egbogah

Finally after 10 years I can wear heels again. And I can’t believe how comfortable they are and they are so beautiful. So excited and will be buying every colour! Thank you Dr. Liza
— Paula

One of my favourite parts of 2017 has been getting all your wonderful messages about your dr. Liza pumps. Strolling the streets of NYC, dancing the night away at countless parties and weddings, standing at at conferences all day, commuting in your heels and basically doing every thing you ever wanted to do in heels without the pain. It means so much to me that you would take the time to write to me about living your best life in your dr. Liza pumps!

With that I wish you all a Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays and hope that you get everything that you wish for.